Why Dreamhaven RV?

Dreamhaven RVs are designed to suit the discerning buyer who is looking for a high-quality travel trailer that is stronger, lighter and superior to a traditionally built travel trailer.

Here are the top 5 reasons to buy a Dreamhaven RV.

REASON 1 - Superior build quality, made In Australia

We’re proud of our rock-solid reputation for exceptional build quality.

All Dreamhaven RV’s are strong & tough yet lightweight. One of the ways we achieve this is by using high-end insulated fibreglass based panels. These panels are used to form the roof, floor, and walls of all Dreamhaven RV’s. This innovative material is combined with our advanced manufacturing methods to deliver a high-quality travel trailer. A similar approach has been employed by other leading manufacturers to build trucks, trains, and planes for years. The result is a travel trailer that’s stronger, lighter, and superior to a timber-framed travel trailer. Dreamhaven RV’s are proud travel trailer industry leaders in the use of insulated fiberglass material with extensive experience.

What does this mean? Your Dreamhaven RV will be strong yet lighter, so it’s easier to tow. This also means a wider variety of vehicles will be capable of towing a Dreamhaven RV, including some midsize SUVs . A Dreamhaven RV is also far more economical to tow. So you’re likely to use less fuel getting from A to B.

Another advantage is the superior water resistance of a Dreamhaven RV. This is because of our one-piece construction method. The roof, floors, and walls are each made using one complete piece of insulated fiberglass material, without any joins. This results in a robust, water and weather-resistant outer shell with superior structural integrity. Your Dreamhaven RV will also have superior insulation throughout, so you’ll be comfortable in any weather conditions.

At the end of our award-winning manufacturing process, every individual Dreamhaven RV must pass our stringent quality checks. This includes our air-pressurized water testing station where all newly built Dreamhaven RV’s are tested for their water resistance.

Buying a Dreamhaven RV is a wise investment in priceless adventures and years of enjoyment.

REASON 2 - Compact yet featured pack, easy to tow

Dreamhaven RV specializes in producing compact yet highly featured travel trailers. You get many of the features of a full-sized travel trailer, in a much more compact form.

Our team of engineers has successfully created compact layouts with all the essentials plus plenty of storage. You won’t believe what’s inside! There is a kitchen, queen-sized bed, living area with TV, a wet bath and so much more….

Because each Dreamhaven RV is made using insulated fibreglass panels, it’s lighter, stronger and superior to a timber-framed travel trailer. This also means your Dreamhaven RV is much easier to tow. In fact, both Dreamhaven RV models have been built with mid-sized SUVs in mind.

The advanced methods used by Dreamhaven RV have made some traditional materials commonly used in travel trailer construction redundant. This includes a timber frame. The absence of timber in the frame means the travel trailer is as light as possible, and therefore much easier and more economical to tow. No timber in the frame also means no chance of timber frame water rot.

Dreamhaven RV uses an advanced one-piece frame construction method. Central to this method is the use of high-quality insulated fibreglass-based material. Using this material, the walls/floor/roof of every new Dreamhaven RV is constructed in one piece. There’s no joins throughout the panels. This results in a strong water and weather-resistant outer shell with superior structural integrity. All internal cabinetry and external wall panels are firmly locked into place via a superior interlocking method. The advanced methods in use by Dreamhaven RV result in a high-quality travel trailer that will deliver years of enjoyment.

Both Dreamhaven RVs are also equipped with off-road capabilities, so you get the freedom to travel just about anywhere!

REASON 3 - Able to withstand extreme temperatures

Dreamhaven RVs are very popular in Australia because they are built to tackle the extremities of mother nature.

Hot, Cold, Rain, Snow, Wind, Hail…Dreamhaven RVs are built with all weather conditions in mind. So just like a cocoon, your Dreamhaven RV provides a safe and comfortable space.

How is this possible? It’s all due to the superior build of a Dreamhaven RV. The combination of advanced manufacturing techniques and high-quality materials results in an exceptional RV. Every Dreamhaven RV is made using insulated fiberglass construction. This advanced construction method results in a travel trailer that’s stronger, lighter, and better insulated than a timber-framed travel trailer. The superior insulation of every Dreamhaven RV means you’ll stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter. You’ll also use less energy if you opt to turn on your heater or air conditioner as your desired temperature will be reached quicker. This is a great advantage particularly during off-grid situations.

Dreamhaven RVs are designed to withstand the harsh road and weather conditions of the Australian outback, making them a reliable choice for any journey.

REASON 4 - One of Australia's Leading Caravan Manufacturers

Dreamhaven RV is a brand of travel trailers made by a well-established, multi-award-winning Australian travel trailer manufacturer with a history dating back to 2002. Trading as Crusader Caravans in Australia, Dreamhaven RV is one of the most highly sought-after camper trailers in the country. Why? Because of the outstanding build quality. We proudly set the benchmark in camper trailer engineering with continuous innovations.

Our new manufacturing facility in Australia is the most advanced in the Australian travel trailer industry. With an acute attention to detail at the core of our manufacturing process, our experience shines in the quality of the build, inside out.

We insist on the best quality materials and components at every production stage, starting from the ground up. Our chassis are strong and made in Australia using high quality steel. Our smartly designed floor plans maximise your living space and storage whilst minimising the overall size of your RV. Our roof, floor and walls are made in one-piece from insulated fibreglass material. This results in a stronger and lighter RV. This also means fewer joins for better durability, insulation, and water resistance.

We have a strong environmental consciousness. Our manufacturing facility has cutting-edge technology and various sustainable practices for a greener production. This includes energy-efficient sensor lighting throughout, and the use of recycled rainwater for our water testing station.

As a family-run business, we’ve been making camper trailers since the turn of the century, and are proud to be one of Australia’s leading travel trailer manufacturers. The workmanship carried out by our team is second to none. We take pride in every single travel trailer we build. It would be our pleasure to build your dream travel trailer.

REASON 5 - Outstanding Customer Reviews

As one of Australia’s leading RV manufacturers, we proudly stand behind our products.

We work hard to ensure our RV’s are among the best quality available today. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say.

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